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Sep 25, 2012

Two-Face Tavaglione Sides with Campaign Donors…Again

Riverside County Supervisor and Republican congressional candidate John Tavaglione (CA-41) just voted today to allow mines like the controversial Liberty Quarry to enter the fast track authorization process – showing Tavaglione siding with his pro-Quarry campaign contributors. Tavaglione earned himself the nickname “Two-Face Tavaglione” for flip-flopping in favor of the controversial Liberty Quarry just days after attending a fundraiser on the yacht of a Quarry supporter.


“John Tavaglione may be called ‘Two Faced’, but today’s vote makes it crystal clear that Tavaglione’s loyalties lie with his campaign contributors,” said Amber Moon of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “John Tavaglione is a pay-to-play politician who would fit right in with a Republican Congress that protects tax breaks for their special interests even if it means gutting Medicare and hurting the middle class.”


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Tavaglione’s pay-to-play politics at work. Tavaglione received over $20,000 from American Medical Response, which had a lucrative county contract for ambulance services, and was the only Supervisor to oppose a competitive bidding process for the ambulance contract.




Tavaglione Flip-Flopped on Liberty Quarry. In 2012, Tavaglione voted to certify the Liberty quarry’s environmental impact report, a move that opponents say left the door open for the project to return. At roughly the same time, Tavaglione also voted to deny of the project. [Press-Enterprise, 5/15/12; Los Angeles Times, 7/31/12]


After the Liberty Quarry Flip-Flop, Tavaglione Attended Fundraiser on Yacht with Businessman Who Stood to Benefit. In 2012, a columnist pointed out that Tavaglione flip-flopped on a vote on Liberty Quarry. In February 2012, Tavaglione voted to crush Liberty Quarry’s bid to mine. Then just days later Tavaglione attended a fundraiser on a yacht owned by Bill Johnson of Riverside-based Johnson Machinery who was a backer of the mine because he stood to provide heavy machinery for the project. Then in May 2012, Tavaglione voted to embrace a report saying the quarry would improve the environment. Some say the certified environment report puts the quarry back on the table – Tavaglione said the quarry was never off the table. [Columnist, Dan Bernstein, Press-Enterprise, 5/17/12]


Tavaglione Received Over $7,000 from Granite Construction, the Liberty Quarry Operator. So far Tavaglione has received $7,750 from Granite Construction Company between 2001 and 2011. [Cal-Access, 10/05/10, 3/26/10, 2/16/108/29/06, 9/1/05, 7/31/04, 10/3/01; FEC, John Tavaglione for Congress, 10/3/11]


Tavaglione Received Over $13,000 from Proponents of Quarry Johnson Machinery Company. Tavaglione has received $13,250 from Johnson Machinery Company and the company’s management. Johnson Machinery Co. is a proponent of the quarry. [The Press Enterprise, 7/25/12; Cal-Access, Johnson Machinery Company, 1/10/11, 2/2/10, 2/8/07, 8/29/06, 1/12/05, 7/27/04, 7/21/03, 7/26/01; Federal Election Commission, John Tavaglione for Congress, 6/30/11, 12/14/11, 2/9/12, 1/30/12]


Tavaglione Opposed Competitive Bidding Process for Ambulance Contract – Received Over $20,000 from Company. In 2012, Tavaglione was the only Supervisor who said he did not want to accept bids for an ambulance service contract held by American Medical Response (AMR). The County of Riverside was poised to put out to bid a contract to provide ambulance services to almost all parts of the county. Tavaglione was the only member of the board of supervisors to vote against a review of the county’s emergency response system. Between 2000 and 2012 Tavaglione received $21,700 from American Medical Response. [Californian, 6/12/12; Cal-Access, American Medical Response, 2/9/12; 4/12/11; 5/25/10; 9/15/09; 7/30/08; 9/22/08; 10/06/05; 8/25/06; 9/11/06; 1/31/03; 8/11/03; 8/23/01; 10/10/00]