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Sep 02, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why Florida Doesn’t Need George Bush and Tom Rooney

As President Bush will be traveling to Florida's 16th District in 10 days to hold a closed-door fundraiser with Republican Candidate Tom Rooney, below are the top 10 reasons why Florida doesn't need any more of George Bush and Tom Rooney's failed policies.


"In 10 days, Tom Rooney will prove once again that he wants to continue the failed policies of President Bush, which have so drastically hurt the people of Florida, by bringing the President in to the district to help fill Rooney's campaign coffers," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary for the DCCC.  "It is clear that Tom Rooney would only be a puppet for the special interests and continue Bush's legacy of hurting middle class Floridians.  The people of Florida's 16th District deserve an independent, pragmatic leader like Congressman Mahoney, who looks out for their needs and fights the influence of special interests."


The Top 10 Reasons Why Florida Doesn't Need George Bush and Tom Rooney


  1. Record Gas Prices - President Bush's lack of leadership has resulted in Floridians paying more than $4.00 a gallon at the pump this summer, up from $1.32 in January 2001 when Bush took office [Energy Information Administration; AAA 1/01].  While Congressman Mahoney has focused on a comprehensive, long-term approach to solving our energy crisis, Tom Rooney has made it clear that he will follow President Bush's Big Oil Agenda, supporting handouts for oil companies, not real solutions for the middle class.


  1. Skyrocketing Homeowners Insurance Rates - Floridians have seen their homeowner's insurance rates become so high that they can no longer afford to pay them.  While Congressman Mahoney has led the fight to create a National Catastrophe Fund to lower costs, President Bush has said he would veto this legislation [Tampa Tribune, 6/6/08].


  1. Hurting Small Businesses - President Bush has repeatedly taken actions to hurt small businesses, even shutting down the 7(a) loan program in 2004, which is the largest and most successful SBA program to help small businesses get access to capital.  While Congressman Mahoney is a former businessman who has earned the endorsement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for standing up for the 1,942,240 small businesses of Florida, Tom Rooney will follow in Bush's footsteps and turn his back on Florida's small businesses [TCPalm, 8/12/08; SBA, 2007]


  1. Rising Unemployment - In Florida, the unemployment rate increased from 3.8 percent in January 2001 to a whopping 6.1 percent in July 2008 - with 571,800 unemployed workers currently seeking jobs in the state [BLS, 8/15/08].  While Congressman Mahoney supported legislation retaining and creating thousands of good-paying jobs here in Florida, Tom Rooney wants to continue Bush's failed policies that have put middle class Florida families out of work [HR 6532, Vote#518, 7/23/08].  


  1. The Foreclosure Crisis - In July 2008, Florida had the third highest foreclosure rate in the nation [, 8/19/08].  The housing crisis came about in part because President Bush allowed special interests to run roughshod over the American dream and Tom Rooney will continue to let special interests dictate his focus.


  1. Spiraling Budget Deficits - Because of the reckless spending of the Bush Administration, our national debt is more than $9.6 trillion, nearly double what the $5.7 trillion it was when Bush took office [, accessed 9/2/08]. While Congressman Mahoney is a businessman who has held firm to pay-as-you-go principles, Tom Rooney stands with George Bush and his irresponsible actions that have created this deficit and historic debt to countries like China.


  1. Failed Iraq Policies - Floridians alone have already spent over $36 billion on the President's failed policies in Iraq [National Priorities Project, accessed 9/2/08]. While Congressman Mahoney supported a responsible redeployment strategy, Tom Rooney is standing side-by-side with President Bush and supporting his mismanagement of the Iraq War.


  1. More Children Without Health Care -- While Congressman Mahoney helped pass legislation to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to cover an additional 232,000 of Florida's children, President Bush blocked it repeatedly and Tom Rooney has stayed silent on questions of if he will stand up for Florida's kids [Families USA, 9/25/07]. 


  1. Threats to Social Security - President Bush's risky privatization scheme would turn Social Security's guaranteed benefits into a gamble for the 186,000 seniors in Florida's 16th district who count on it every month [Social Security Administration, 6/08].  While Congressman Mahoney is fighting to protect and strengthen Social Security, Tom Rooney is standing next to the number one supporter of Social Security Privatization.


  1. Weakened Medicare - President Bush has blocked efforts to prevent a Medicare meltdown for Florida's seniors.  But on July 15, Congressman Mahoney helped override the President's veto and enacted the Medicare Improvements Act, protecting access to doctors that Florida seniors know and trust, improving care and ensuring fair payment for providers [HR 6331, Vote#491, 7/15/08].