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Oct 17, 2008

Too Little Too Late: Bachmann Attempts a Political Makeover

Runs from George Bush and Covers-up Ties to Special Interests


In a clear sign that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is scared for her political life, she is now trying to give herself a political makeover.  In yesterday's debate with DFL endorsed candidate El Tinklenberg, Bachmann said her positions on the issues are "quite different" from Bush's -- the reality is that in 2007 she voted for George Bush's failed agenda 89% of the time and with her party 98% of the time [Congressional Quarterly, 2007].  Today she released a new ad that ridiculously claims that she isn't a friend to lobbyists or special interest groups.  Congresswoman Bachmann has taken more than $500,000 from special interests including nearly $60,000 from Big Oil who are reaping the benefit of record high gas prices. 


"It's a little late in the game for Michele Bachmann to attempt a political makeover," said Carrie James, regional press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "After stuffing her campaign coffers with more than half a million dollars in special interest money, Michele Bachmann is misleading Minnesota families to think she's anything other than a reliable rubber stamp for President Bush's failed agenda.  Michele Bachmann should have come to the realization that siding with George Bush and special interests was not in the best interest of Minnesotans long before now."



The Facts are the Facts


Michele Bachmann has taken a total of $500,271.00 from Special Interests:


  • $145,950 from the Insurance
  • $60,250 from Pharmaceuticals
  • $55,200 from Oil and Gas
  • $217,121 from Securities, Investment and Finance
  • $21,750 from lobbyists

[Center for Responsive Politics, accessed 10/17/08]