Campaign 2010

May 19, 2014

TONIGHT: Right-Wing Rubber Stamp Barbara Comstock Raising Campaign Cash With Paul Ryan

Right-wing Rubberstamp Barbara Comstock went along with all of the bad ideas that Northern Virginia families hate about Richmond, and now it’s more clear than ever that she’d do the same in Washington by raising campaign cash tonight with Paul Ryan – the architect of Republicans’ Medicare guarantee-ending, education-slashing, middle class tax-raising, job-killing budget.  

“In Richmond, Barbara Comstock rubberstamped a reckless agenda, prioritizing transvaginal ultrasounds and attacks on women’s healthcare over a bipartisan transportation bill to fix Northern Virginia’s traffic crisis or helping businesses create jobs,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Now Comstock is showing why she’d be just as dangerous if she was in Congress: fueling her campaign with cash from Congressman Paul Ryan in exchange for going along with Ryan’s tax raising, education slashing, Medicare jeopardizing, reckless budget that is so out of touch with the values Northern Virginians care about.”  


Comstock Holding DC Fundraiser With Congressman Paul Ryan. On May 19th, Barbara Comstock will hold a fundraiser at the Capitol Hill Club with special guests Reps Paul Ryan and Frank Wolf. [Comstock email]