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Sep 15, 2008

Tom Rooney Ignores Growing Economic Crisis, Brings in Bush

Rooney Scrambles to Replace Host after Tax Scandal Revelation


As the nation's economic crisis grows, major economic institutions continue to fall, and Wall Street sees its worst day in years, Republican candidate Tom Rooney (FL-16) is doing everything in his power to bring the man responsible for these economic failures - George W. Bush - into town for a closed-door political fundraiser.


Tom Rooney scrambled this weekend to find a new venue for his closed-door event after it was reported last week that the first host of his Bush fundraiser, John Boswell, was under investigation by a federal prosecutor and the Internal Revenue Service. This scandal didn't stop Rooney from bringing Bush into town in a desperate attempt to refill his campaign coffers - ignoring the fact that America is losing billions of dollars and thousands of jobs to our economic crisis.


"It really shows poor judgment on Tom Rooney's part to stand side-by-side with President Bush embrace Bush's failed economic polices as people face yet another economic crisis," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary for the DCCC.  "Tom Rooney has clearly made the decision to hobnob with and take money from tax-evaders and special interests while Florida's families are struggling to pay the bills."




  • President Bush is holding a closed-door fundraiser for Tom Rooney this Thursday, September 18.  The location of the fundraiser was changed "after some late scrambling by red-faced organizers." [Bush event for Rooney replaces host over IRS probe, Palm Beach Post, 9/15/08]


  • The original host for Rooney's fundraiser with President Bush, John Boswell, is under investigation by the IRS for creating a sham religious charity to fund his lavish lifestyle.  "The criminal investigations unit of the IRS has [Boswell] in its sights as a federal grand jury is probing his financial practices. ... An IRS special agent and a federal prosecutor in Missouri subpoenaed several Palm Beachers to appear before a grand jury investigating Boswell and the ministries." [Gardens' presidential host being probed by IRS, Palm Beach Post, 9/11/08]


  • "Wall Street had its worst day more than six years after hectic and historic weekend brought the quick demise of two of America's oldest and best-known investment banks.  Stocks dropped dramatically -- with the Dow closing down 504.48 points -- after 158-year-old brokerage firm Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy this morning and the other Wall Street stalwart, Merrill Lynch, was sold to Bank of America for $50 billion." [Pain Continues on Wall Street as Lehman Goes Bankrupt, and Merrill Sold to BofA, ABC News, 9/15/08]