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Jun 17, 2008

Tom Davis on Keith Fimian: At Least He Has His Looks

In the Washington Post today, Rep. Tom Davis (VA-11) could only point to Republican Candidate Keith Fimian's good looks when asked about Fimian's qualifications.  Davis knows Fimian will have to hide from his record of fiscal irresponsibility and out-of-step issue positions.


Although Keith Fimian touts his credentials as a certified public accountant (CPA), the truth is that the IRS filed a tax lien against Fimian's company in 2005 for $16,000 in back taxes, penalties, and fees.  Also, Fimian is out of step with the values of the district, supporting President Bush's failed policies in Iraq and opposing a woman's right to choose.


"It's no wonder Tom Davis can only cite Keith Fimian's good look when asked why Fimian is qualified to run for Congress," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the DCCC.  "This election isn't a beauty contest.  When voters are really introduced to Keith Fimian he will have to answer to his record of bad business practices, fiscal irresponsibility, and his out-of-step stances on the issues that matter to Northern Virginians."




  • From the Washington Post: "Fimian's great challenge will be to run apart from, if not away from, President Bush, Davis says...But Davis adds that Fimian has an advantage of his own: ‘He's much better looking than I am.'" [Davis Has a Few Warnings for His Possible Successor, Washington Post, 6/17/08]


  • In 2005, the IRS placed a Federal Tax Lien of $16,000 on Keith Fimian's company, U.S. Inspect, Inc. for either failing to file or filing incorrect tax information reports.  [Notice of Federal Tax Lien, 6/17/05; Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien, 8/11/05]