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Jul 24, 2014

Today’s the Big Day: Chabot Set to Pledge Allegiance to Washington Republicans’ Reckless Agenda

Today is Paul Chabot’s big moment in the sun – his Tea Party coronation at a closed-door fundraising event with California’s Republican Congressional delegation – headlined by Majority Leader-elect Kevin McCarthy. This latest Tea Party effort to boost Chabot is just more proof that he will rubberstamp their out-of-touch agenda to stack the deck for special interests, shut down the federal government and roll back the clock on women’s rights.

“California Republicans are rallying around Paul Chabot because they know he’ll be a reliable rubberstamp for their out-of-touch agenda that will hurt Inland Empire families,” said Tyrone Gayle of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Whether Chabot’s lengthy Tea Party bona fides or his willingness to take his marching orders from leaders who want to stack the deck for special interests, California Republicans are eager to bankroll Chabot’s campaign because they know they can count on his vote for their reckless agenda.”


Headline: California Republicans hosting Chabot fundraiser [Press-Enterprise, 7/16/14]

Chabot said he was “Not Going to Deviate” on Pro-Life Stance. In 2014, during a candidate forum, Chabot said that he was pro-life, and added that he was not willing to negotiate on his position. “I am pro-life, pro-God and I’m not going to deviate on those. On other issues we can negotiate,” Chabot said. [San Bernardino Sun, 4/25/14]

Kevin McCarthy was an Original Co-Sponsor of the 2011 No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. In 2012, Representative Kevin McCarthy was an original co-sponsor of the 2011 No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. The bill was introduced on January 20, 2011, and passed by the House of Representatives on May 4, 2011. [HR 3, co-sponsored 1/20/11]

Original Version of HR 3 “Tried to Narrow the Definition of Rape” by Only Allowing Insurance Coverage for Abortions in Cases of “Forcible Rape.” According to the Huffington Post, “the ‘No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act’… narrow[ed] the definition of rape as it related to abortions with the measure. Only in instances of ‘forcible rape,’ the bill specified, would a woman be eligible to have her abortion covered under insurance.” [Huffington Post, 8/19/12]

McCarthy Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood. In April 2011,  McCarthy voted for a resolution that, according to Congressional Quarterly, would have “bar[red] the use of funds made available in the bill to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. or its affiliates.” The vote was on a concurrent resolution to order the House clerk to make a correction in the enrollment of the Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2011 by inserting the proposed amendment. The House adopted the resolution by a vote of 241 to 185, and it was then sent to the Senate, which rejected it. [HR 1473, Vote #271, 4/14/11; Congressional Quarterly, 4/14/11; Congressional Actions, H.Con.Res. 36]

2010: Chabot said the Affordable Care Act was a “Travesty.” “Chabot considers the California Medical Association a ‘liberal interest group’ because of its stance on health care. ‘The California Medical Association, for example, supported ‘ObamaCare’ and that’s a travesty in our nation and state,’ Chabot said.” [Redlands Daily Facts, 5/11/10]

McCarthy Voted for FY 2015 House Republican Budget, Repealing Affordable Care Act. In April 2014, Rep. McCarthy voted for the FY 2015 House Republican budget. The budget would turn Medicare into a voucher program, give tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations while raising taxes on the middle class, and repeal the Affordable Care Act. The budget passed, 219-205. [H Con Res 96, Vote #177, 4/10/14; AARP Press Release, 4/01/14]

McCarthy Voted Sixteen Times Against Re-Opening Government, which was Tied to ACA Funding. Following the government shutdown, Rep. Kevin McCarthy voted sixteen times against efforts to vote on a clean government funding resolution by allowing consideration of the Senate-passed continuing resolution. New York Times: “So far, however, there has been little tangible headway. Part of the problem is that moderates are behaving a bit too moderately. They have yet to vote with Democrats on procedural maneuvers that could force the hand of the Republican leadership or to sign a petition Democrats are circulating that would require a vote on a short-term spending bill to reopen the government if a majority of House members signed. They are unwilling to defy their leaders to that extent.” [H Res 370, Vote #509, 10/02/13; HJ Res 59, Vote #512, 10/02/13; HR 3230, Vote #515, 10/03/13; HJ Res 72, Vote #517, 10/03/13; H Res 371, Vote #519, 10/04/13; HJ Res 85, Vote #521, 10/04/13; HJ Res 75, Vote #523, 10/04/13; H J Res 77,  Vote #527, 10/7/13; HJ Res 84, Vote #529, 10/08/13; H Res 373, Vote #531, 10/08/13; HR 3273, Vote #533, 10/08/13; HJ Res 90, Vote #536, 10/09/13; HJ Res 79, Vote #539, 10/10/13; HJ Res 76, Vote #541, 10/11/13; HJ Res 380, Vote #543, 10/11/13; HJ Res 80, Vote #547, 10/14/13; New York Times10/07/13]