Campaign 2010

Oct 22, 2012

Today Is Election Day: The DCCC Kicks-Off Early Vote Campaign

Kicking-off the first day of in-person early voting in Illinois, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today announced, “Illinois Votes,” a state-wide Get Out the Vote strategy in the final push to election day. On a news conference call, DCCC Executive Director Robby Mook outlined how in person early voting is key to Democrats’ ground-game to win six competitive Congressional races in Illinois. Starting today, all six DCCC Red to Blue candidates will be rallying support for in-person early voting with President Obama planning to early vote in Chicago on Thursday, October 25th. The DCCC this week is planning an Early Vote Grassroots Day of Action on Saturday, October 27th to maximize voter outreach and encourage supporters to vote in person from now until Election Day at locations in every competitive district in Illinois.


“The road to the Majority goes through Illinois and we are paving the way with ‘Illinois Votes,’ a special campaign across Illinois to promote early voting, expand our ground- game advantage, and ensure a winning Democratic ticket,” said DCCC Executive Director Robby Mook. “Today is the first day of in person early voting in Illinois and all six top tier Democratic candidates are launching our secret weapon to secure Democratic victories on Nov. 6: making every day count as election day and rallying support on the ground for in person early voting for the next 15 days.”


Mook continued: “Republicans admit the state of play in Illinois keeps them up at night so today, I’m proud to announce that our “Illinois Votes” grassroots early vote strategy is a brand new nightmare for Republicans. We have already called more than 1 million voters and knocked nearly 400,000 doors. Our grassroots base of volunteers is working tirelessly on the ground to get supporters to more than 100 libraries, town halls, community centers to vote early across Illinois.”


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee believes the path to a Democratic Majority goes through Illinois, and an early voting campaign is key to victories in 6 top-tier targeted races. Already, the DCCC is operating 12 offices across Illinois and deployed more than 30 staff on the ground to help get out the vote for the Democratic ticket. The DCCC continues to surpass expectations and 2008 metrics for our early vote strategy.