Campaign 2010

Dec 21, 2011

Today In Headlines: Republicans Under Fire

Today In Headlines: Republicans Under Fire


House Republicans are on defense, even against members of their own party, for irresponsibly leaving Washington and forcing a $1,000 tax hike on 160 million middle income Americans on January 1st.


Take a look at the headlines for yourself.


  • House GOP takes a political beating in payroll tax fight [CBS News, 12/21/11]


  • Gingrich to House GOP: Give In on Payroll Tax [Wall Street Journal, 12/21/11]


  • Senate Republican Frustration Mounting with House GOP [CNN, 12/21/11]


  • Payroll Tax Politics Pose Risk for Congressional Republicans [Bloomberg, 12/21/11]


  • Republicans under pressure over payroll tax cut [Reuters, 12/21/11]


  • House GOP hearing it from all sides over payroll tax cut [LA Times, 12/21/11]


  • McCain: Payroll tax cut showdown 'harming' the GOP [CNN, 12/21/11]


  • House Republicans Under Attack in Payroll Tax Standoff [ABC, 12/21/11]


  • House GOP Finds Itself Out on a Limb [Roll Call, 12/21/11]


  • How the Republicans Blew the Payroll Tax Debate [Newsweek Daily Beast, 12/21/11]


  • Is the GOP in Trouble After the House Payroll Tax Cut Debacle? [US News, 12/21/11]