Campaign 2010

Jun 09, 2010

Time for Bono Mack to Answer the Big Questions

For years, Mary Bono Mack has carefully cultivated a reputation of avoiding her opponents, failing to hold public events to meet with constituents and engaging in increasingly blatant shows of hypocrisy.

Now, after abandoning her previous efforts to define herself as 'progressive' and 'moderate,' Bono Mack has survived her right-wing primary challenge – but she can no longer ignore the questions that are swirling.

  • Will Bono Mack answer for the barefaced hypocrisy of touting and taking credit for economic recovery package-funded projects, despite having voted against the funding?
  • Will she finally explain why she supports ending Medicare ‘as it is presently known’ for Riverside County residents?
  • And will she tell voters why she flat out declined to hold a single event, fully open to the public, to discuss any of the major pieces of legislation considered in the House over the last year and a half?
  • After years of refusing to show Riverside County voters the courtesy of a debate with her opponent, will she finally do the right thing and debate Mayor Steve Pougnet?

"Despite Mary Bono Mack’s well-deserved reputation of being absent, avoiding her political opponents and failing to hold public events for constituents, now that the primary is over, it’s time for her to start addressing all of those serious issues – and more," said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.


  • "Describing herself as a 'progressive Republican,' Bono Mack pointed to her past support for stricter fuel economy standards and her work on environmental issues as evidence that her independent streak isn’t a recent reaction to political trends." [Riverside Press Enterprise, 6/13/09]
  • The Desert Sun quoted Bono Mack saying, "It's my goal as a Republican, and as a moderate Republican, to make sure that the policies that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pass really do reflect the will of the American people." [Desert Sun, 11/05/08]
  • The Associated Press reported at the time: "Republicans in the House offered an alternative that would eventually would end Medicare as it is presently known." The plan, drafted by Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, top Republican on the House Budget Committee, "called for eventually replacing the traditional Medicare program with subsidies to help retirees enroll in private health care plans." [Associated Press, 4/2/09, 4/03/09; H CON RES 85, #191, 4/2/09]