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Nov 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Mia “Loves to Forget” She Called Herself the Tea Party Candidate

Mia Love is more than happy to accept endorsements, financial backing, and campaign help from the Tea Party, but her new handlers seem to be reeling after her record of running as a proud member of the Tea Party was exposed again this week.  Last year Love boasted that she hoped she was a “Tea Party candidate,” and now she has once again closely aligned herself with Tea Party icon Allen West, who visited to endorse, raise money and campaign for Love this week.  But this poses a new hurdle for Love, who seems torn as to whether to listen to the political handlers cautioning her to backpedal on her radical endorsements, or forge ahead with her Tea Party affiliation. 

The reality is, Mia Love doesn't get to have it both ways.  As a veteran candidate in this year's contest she doesn't get to duck reporters or laugh off questions she would prefer not to answer.  Instead, it’s time Love takes responsibility for the positions she has taken and provide real answers. 

“Mia Love can try to pretend she’s not part of the Tea Party problem, but Utahns won’t believe her supposed change of heart when she’s proudly campaigning with Tea Party hero Allen West,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “No wonder Mia Love would ‘love to forget’ her record supporting the Tea Party – the group has consistently created uncertainty for Utah families.  Whether it’s West's crusade against student loans or any number of reckless Tea Party positions, we can be certain Utahns won't forget her picking the wrong priorities.”


Love: “I Hope I’m a Tea Party Candidate.” In 2012, Love said she hoped she was the Tea Party’s candidate. “I hope I’m a tea party candidate. I hope I’m everybody’s candidate. The tea party has done a lot of good for the country. And so I consider myself everyone’s candidate — my methods of fiscal discipline and limited government, I hope fits everybody,” Love said. [Daily Caller, 3/20/12]

  • Utah Tea Party Organizer: “Of Course” She’s Tea Party. Following her April 2012 primary win, David Kirkham, a Utah Tea Party organizer, failed gubernatorial nominee and Love advisor on economic issues, said of Love being a Tea Party candidate, “Of course she is.” He added, “But what is the tea party? The tea party is, ‘quit spending all our money, be responsible.” [Deseret News, 4/23/12]

West Called Federal Student Loans Communist. “You can start dictating where people can go to school, loans that they can get and the payment of those loans. I gotta tell you, that’s something that (unintelligible) in a book written by Marx or Engels called The Communist Manifesto. It’s called the state control of education,” West said. [Dania Beach Town Hall, 6/11/12]

  • Love “Would End Subsidized College Loans Like Those She Used Herself When She Earned Her Degree.” In 2012, the Salt-Lake Tribune reported that Love “would end subsidized college loans like those she used herself when she earned her degree, and eliminate funds like those that were spent in the city she oversees as mayor, aimed at preventing homelessness.” [Salt Lake Tribune, 9/06/12]

2013: Love Owes Between $15,000 and $50,000 in Student Loans. According to Love’s 2013 personal financial disclosure, she holds between $15,000 and $50,000 in student loan liabilities to Mohela incurred in May 1997. [Personal Financial Disclosure, 5/13/13]