Campaign 2010

Aug 23, 2010

Thousands of Volunteers Come Out for DCCC’s Fall Kickoff Campaign

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) Fall Kickoff began this week with hundreds of house meetings across the country, where volunteers and neighbors will come together for discussions about what is at stake this November and to build an energized base of volunteers from the ground up. 


The house meetings are leading up to the DCCC’s National Day of Action this Saturday, August 28th where our volunteers, in conjunction with Organizing for America (OFA) volunteers, will knock on more than 200,000 doors in some of the most competitive districts across the country to remind voters of the choice in this election between moving America forward or letting the Republicans bring back the exact same agenda of former President Bush. 


Volunteers can sign up and watch our Fall Kickoff video at


"The DCCC Fall Kickoff is energizing volunteers and voters across the country about keeping America moving forward, not back to the failed Bush economic policies of the past," said Ryan Rudominer, National Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Throughout the country, Democrats are holding house meetings to prepare for this Saturday’s National Day of Action where volunteers will talk to their neighbors about the choice voters have at the polls this November.  The DCCC’s Fall Kickoff is ensuring we have a large and energized base of trained volunteers to communicate Democrats’ message and get out the vote, which is critical to our success in November."


The battle tested DCCC voter contact program has started earlier this cycle than ever before and is using new technologies and data-driven analysis to support our Frontline members and candidates.  The DCCC tested the effectiveness and improved its enhanced voter contact programs with each of the special election victories in NY-20, NY-23, and our eight-point victory in PA-12.  Working with State Parties across the country, field staff have been recruiting and training volunteers for the fall elections.  In turn, those volunteers are knocking on doors and making phone calls, talking to their friends and families about the importance of continuing to move the country forward.