Campaign 2010

Sep 10, 2008

The Truth is that Career Pol Erik Paulsen Raised Taxes on Minnesota Families, Blocked Tax Relief

Erik Paulsen, Republican candidate in Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District released a new ad in which he claims to be a "fiscal conservative." Unfortunately, his record shows that Erik Paulsen led the charge on raising property taxes, massive fee increases, and even increased taxes on seniors in nursing homes.  Paulsen is so bad on fiscal issues that even the Minnesota Taxpayers League, a far-right conservative group, has said he "broke his pledge" to not raise taxes.  


"Career Politician Erik Paulsen can call for a ‘new direction,' but he can't hide his record of taking Minnesota in the wrong direction over the last 14 years," said Carrie James, regional press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "During his time as the House Majority Leader of Minnesota, Career Pol Paulsen fought to increase government spending and to raise taxes and fees on hardworking Minnesotans. Erik Paulsen should take a look at his record before subjecting voters to another false and misleading ad."




  • The Minnesota Taxpayers League-the state's leading anti-tax group-criticized Paulsen for being a politician who "broke [his] pledge" to them not to raise taxes. [Krinkie/Buesgens amendment, 2005 1st Special Session, House 1st Special Session Journal p. 142, 7/13/05]  
  • In May 2003, Paulsen voted for a budget bill that raised rates on seniors paying their own way in nursing homes by $1,800 a year-a provision some dubbed the "granny tax." [HF 6 H.J. p. 771, 5/29/03 and Associated Press, 5/29/03]
  • Paulsen voted to block permanent property tax relief.  [Appeal of the ruling of the chair by Rep. Bernardy, HF 4142, 84th Session, House Journal 7419, 5/02/06]
  • Paulsen voted against providing property tax relief that would have provided $442 million in 2008 and $542 million in 2010 to hardworking taxpayers. [HF 2362, 85th Session, House Journal p. 4841, 4/27/07]
  • Voted in favor of a version of the Omnibus Tax Bill that increased property taxes as well as sales tax increases on aspirin, analgesics and durable medical goods. [HF 1597, 83rd Session, House Journal p. 3435, 5/07/03]