Campaign 2010

Aug 20, 2010

The NRCC’s Idea of Strong Leadership? Scandal Plagued David Rivera

Republicans are shockingly standing by a scandal plagued candidate in Florida’s 25th district, State Representative David Rivera, despite new reports on his alleged history of domestic violence and reckless behavior.  The revelations not only prove that Rivera is unfit to represent South Florida in any capacity, but they also paint a disturbing picture about national Republicans, their priorities, and the kind of leadership they’re offering Americans this November.


Republican leaders John Boehner, Pete Sessions, and Eric Cantor have all touted NRCC Young Gun David Rivera.  This week, however, Rivera has come under fire for his alleged history of domestic violence, running a delivery truck off the road to prevent a rival candidate’s campaign literature from being mailed, and for lying about foreclosure proceedings on a home he and Marco Rubio co-own.  The allegations were exposed in investigative reports by the Miami Herald and CBS 4 Miami.


"The Republican Leader John Boehner and NRCC Chairman Pete Session’s decision to promote the candidacy and character of David Rivera is disturbing for anyone, especially for women," said spokesperson Jennifer Crider for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Domestic violence and running trucks off the road aren’t new allegations, but that hasn’t stopped David Rivera from lying about them and Washington Republicans from ignoring them in hopes of winning an election.  Republican Leader John Boehner, Whip Eric Cantor, and NRCC Chairmen Pete Sessions are sending a clear message to women: dangerous, scandal plagued candidates like David Rivera represent the kind of leadership Republicans are offering voters this November."




  • In an investigative report, the Miami Herald discredited Rivera story surrounding past domestic violence allegations.  The paper discovered that David Rivera did in fact had ties the victim in question despite his denials. [Miami Herald, 8/19/10]


  • CBS 4 Miami discredited David Rivera’s account of what took place in a traffic accident where a truck carrying literature from a rival campaign was driven off the road.  The station reported that police reports contradicted Rivera’s story about his role in the 2002 accident.  In the incident, a truck carrying flyers from a rival campaign, detailing the alleged domestic violence charges, en route to a post office was driven off the road by David Rivera.   [CBS 4 Miami, 8/17/10]


  • Rivera previously lied about foreclosure proceedings on a home he co-owns with Marco Rubio.  Rivera "denied that a bank began foreclosure proceedings on a house he owned with former House Speaker Marco Rubio even though property and foreclosure records clearly showed he did co-own the home." [CBS 4 Miami, 8/17/10]


  • Rivera also lied about his personal ties to a controversial businessman.  As CBS 4 Miami reported, Rivera "denied to the Miami Herald being friends with a principal of a group that advises companies on how to trade with Cuba despite several prominent witnesses who said the two men were close." [CBS 4 Miami, 8/17/10]


  • Throughout the course of his campaign, Republican leaders in Washington have gone out of their way to tout Rivera’s candidacy.  Not only is Rivera a member of the NRCC’s "Young Guns" program, but NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions went out of his way to highlight Rivera’s candidacy on NBC’s Meet the Press just one month ago. Both Republican Minority Leader John Boehner and Republican Whip Eric Cantor have supported Rivera’s campaign with fundraisers. In total the three have given $25,000 to Rivera’s campaign. [Meet the Press, 7/18/10; NRCC Press Releases, 4/6/10 and 4/13/10; St. Petersburg Times, 4/27/10;  Miami Herald, 4/14/10;, accessed 8/20/10]