Campaign 2010

Jul 02, 2008

The More Thelma Drake Fills Up From Big Oil, the More Virginians Pay at the Pump

As gas prices continue to break records this year, Representative Thelma Drake (VA-02) has watched her campaign cash from Big Oil steadily grow, as can be seen in a chart released today by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.


thelma.jpg picture by fixitwille


“Thelma Drake’s connection to Big Oil is clear – as she gets more money for her campaign from her Big Oil friends, Virginians pay more at the pump,” said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary for the DCCC.  “Thelma Drake is beholden to President Bush and Big Oil, continuing to vote for billions of dollars in subsidies for oil companies.  The people of Virginia’s 2nd District deserve an independent leader like Glenn Nye who will work to lower gas prices and end the Big Oil connection in Congress.”


The DCCC is running radio ads in Drake’s district this week highlighting her votes for George Bush and Big Oil, read by a Bush impersonator.  The ad can be heard at