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Jun 25, 2008

The Headline Says It All: “Shays Praises Big Oil in Iraq”

-The Hour, 6/23/08

 Big Oil companies in Iraq are close to signing 2-year no-bid contracts. Meanwhile, families in Connecticut are paying $4.37 per gallon for gas, and Representative Chris Shays has nothing but praise for his pals at Big Oil.

 "It's not just George Bush that Chris Shays is holding hands with these days, it is also his Big Oil supporters. While Shays is patting the backs of Big Oil for getting no-bid contracts in Iraq, people in Connecticut are struggling to pay $4.37 per gallon for gas. In fact, if it was up to Chris Shays and his gas tax was implemented, they would be paying even more," said Doug Thornell, spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Unfortunately for Connecticut consumers, Chris Shays just doesn't get it. He would prefer to keep the thousands in campaign contributions pouring in from Big Oil than fight for lower gas prices. In fact, he is Big Oil's biggest apologist."


  • Representative Chris Shays has taken $41,400 in contributions from Big Oil. [Center for Responsive Politics, accessed 6/25/08]
  • The Connecticut Post reported that Shays expressed support for higher taxes and when he "was first elected to Congress in 1987, [Shays] supported a 50-cent per gallon federal gas tax but it was killed because of politics." [Connecticut Post, 3/25/08]
  • "Shays Praises Big Oil in Iraq" [The Hour, 6/23/08]