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May 01, 2008

The Hackett Plan for Pennsylvania: Exaggerate Role and Strip Workers of their Health Care

According to a NBC / Wall Street Journal poll released today, American voters say that heading into this election year the number one issue is the weakened state of our economy.  Unemployment levels are on the rise and people are concerned about the security of their jobs.  Yet Chris Hackett’s plan for bringing jobs to Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania and easing the burden on local families struggling to make ends meet includes overstating his role in bringing companies to the region and stripping employees of their health insurance. 


“Chris Hackett’s dismal record speaks for itself,” said Carrie James, Northeast Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “If Chris Hackett gets to Congress he will outsource government jobs to companies who pay hourly rates and don’t offer health care to workers – just like he did to Luzerne County workers.  Chris Hackett is out of touch with middle class American families.  He’ll spend nearly $1 million of his own money trying to buy a seat in Congress, but will cut off benefits to hard working Pennsylvanians.”




  1. OVERSTATE ROLE IN BRINGING JOBS TO DISTRICT: Hackett sited on numerous occasions his role in bringing C3i - an international company that also has an office in Luzerne County – to the district.  Robert Jones, the CEO of C3i released a letter that said “This claim is exaggerated and, while we prefer to stay out of politics, we do feel compelled to set the record straight to be sure that credit is given where credit is due.”  [The Sunbury Daily Item, 3/29/08]


  1. STRIP WORKERS OF HEALTH CARE:  In January of 2006, OneSource Staffing was working on a contract with the Luzerne County Commission.  180 County employees were offered early retirement, and 20 were rehired by OneSource Staffing without any benefits.  [Citizen Voice, 1/22/08]