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Jul 11, 2014

The Facts on Will Hurd’s Dangerous Plan That Would “Slash Benefits for Texas Veterans”

A new report details how Will Hurd’s dangerous budget plan would “slash benefits for Texas veterans” – indiscriminately endangering vital services that veterans have earned.

That’s why today the DCCC is releasing a new fact sheet outlining some of the implications of Hurd’s plan for Texas veterans and their families – including how it would jeopardize medical care, education services and disability compensation. The fact sheet is below, and can be found online here.

“The facts are that Will Hurd’s dangerous plan would jeopardize vital services – from medical care to pensions – that Texas veterans and their families have earned and deserve,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Instead of closing tax loopholes abused by the ultra-wealthy and corporations that ship jobs overseas, Hurd would balance the budgets on the backs of Texas veterans – which is just another sign that Hurd is out of touch with West Texas families.” 


Will Hurd Wants to “Slash Benefits For Texas Veterans.” “If Hurd's budget plan were passed, drastic cuts would be made to veterans' services. Hurd's plan slashes the budget indiscriminately, without regard for what is being used to help those who have served our country. The budget would cut funding for VA hospitals in the district, and exacerbate the already-existing problems veterans face because of improperly funded VA offices. CD-23 is home to over 46,000 veterans who would be hurt by Will Hurd's plan.” [Burnt Orange Report, 7/10/14]

The Facts on Will Hurd's Dangerous Plan