Campaign 2010

Nov 03, 2013

The Face Of A Recruitment Failure in FL-13: David Jolly

Rick Baker’s refusal to even attempt a campaign in Florida’s 13th congressional district  is just the latest in a long list of top-tier recruitment failures, “depriving Republicans of the candidate some considered their strongest potential competitor for the position.”

And even worse for Republicans, Washington lobbyist David Jolly’s entrance into the race is “setting the stage for an intense battle among a handful of contenders for the Republican nomination,” beginning what is sure to be a costly and divisive Republican primary “without an obvious candidate.”  

“Top-tier Republican recruits are looking at their party’s shutdown brand of recklessness that is hurting middle class families – and they’re declining to even attempt a campaign in Florida’s 13th congressional district,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Washington lobbyist David Jolly  is exactly the type of candidate who Republicans were hoping to avoid: a lackluster lobbyist with a history of focusing on political games instead of the middle class, who will make a costly and divisive primary significantly more likely.”