Campaign 2010

Oct 16, 2012

The DCCC’s Fifth TV Ad Reveals How Jason Plummer Will Make Washington Worse

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Independent Expenditure released its fifth TV ad showing how millionaire Jason Plummer would make things worse in Washington. Plummer signed a pledge to special interests to protect tax breaks for millionaires and for corporations that ship American jobs overseas while making the middle class pay more. The DCCC TV ad, “Drowning,” questions why Plummer would work for Southern Illinois since Plummer has never had to work for anything.


Script of DCCC IE AD “Drowning”:

Voiceover: In Washington, special interests are drowning out the middle-class.

But if you send this Plummer to Congress, he’ll make it worse.        

Jason Plummer signed a pledge that protected tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs. 

And he’d give more tax breaks to millionaires like himself – while making the middle-class pay thousands more.  

Jason Plummer’s never had to work for anything…what makes you think he’ll work for you?

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