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Jun 26, 2014

The Best Republicans Could Do Is “Tax-and-Fee” Lee Zeldin

Following an expensive, bruising primary election battle in Long Island’s first district, the best Republicans could do is Lee Zeldin who voted for over 100 taxes and fees in the State Senate. Zeldin voted for taxes on countless items including baby bottles, beer, soda, and socks, just to name a few. Zeldin even voted to the raise the Suffolk County sales tax 33 percent.

The DCCC released the following web video today alerting Long Island voters of what even Republicans think of “Tax-and-Fee” Lee Zeldin’s record in Albany. 

Click here to see “Tax-and-Fee” Lee


Voted to Authorize Suffolk County to Extend 33 Percent Tax Increase. In June 2013, Zeldin voted for a bill that would delay the expiration of Suffolk County’s additional one percent sales and compensating use tax from November 2013 to November 2015. According to the text of the bill: “the county of Suffolk is hereby further authorized and  empowered to  adopt  and amend local laws, ordinances or resolutions imposing such taxes at a rate which is one percent additional  to  the  three  percent rate  authorized  above in this paragraph for such county for the period beginning June first, two thousand one and  ending  November  thirtieth, two thousand  FIFTEEN. [, bill number A7180, voted on 6/21/13]

Zeldin Attacked by Republicans for Voting to Raise Taxes 104 times. In June 2014 Newsday reported that Zeldin’s Republican primary opponent, George Demos, “has charged repeatedly in ads that Zeldin… voted to raise taxes 104 times.” [Newsday, 6/14/14]