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Feb 07, 2009

Tedisco is Against Taxpayer-Funded Mail, Unless It’s HIS Taxpayer Funded Mail

Hypocrisy Watch Day 4: Albany Politician Tedisco is Against Taxpayer-Funded Mail, Unless It's HIS Taxpayer Funded Mail


Despite his tough talk, career Albany politician Jim Tedisco sure does like his taxpayer funded perks.  Tedisco likes to blast his fellow Albany politicians for sending taxpayer funded mail outside their districts -- even though he has no problem doing it himself.  This follows revelations that he advocated cutting spending on State vehicles and then Tedisco and his staff began using two state funded vehicles, and he charged the state more than $21,000 for gasoline.


Assembly Members sending taxpayer-funded mail outside their districts, "is not observing legislative protocol and not helping the district." The problem? This week, Tedisco was caught sending taxpayer-funded mail outside of his district.   


"Do as I say and not as I do is Albany politician Jim Tedisco's way of doing his government work.  Tedisco talks tough about his fellow politicians sending mail outside of their districts, but then he hypocritically does the very same thing himself," said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Times are tough in Upstate New York, the last thing families need is more double-talk from another career Albany politician like Jim Tedisco calling for an end to taxpayer-funded political mail but then billing the taxpayers for his own political mail."


A pdf of the mail Tedisco sent out of his district is available upon request.





AUG 9, 1987: Tedisco Slams Democrats for Sending Taxpayer-Funded Mail Outside District


On August 9, 1987, Tedisco attacked other Assembly Members for sending taxpayer-funded mail outside the district.


Tedisco, R- Schenectady, said mailing to opposition districts "is not observing legislative protocol and not helping the district." 


FEB 5, 2009: Tedisco Uses Taxpayer Money to Fund Political Mail Outside District


On February 5th 2009, local taxpayers received a piece of mail from the New York State Assembly touting the work that Tedisco has done.


One mailer arrived in the 12801 zip code, which is outside of Tedisco's assembly district. [Tedisco State-Funded Mail, Arrived: 2/5/09; Assembly Member Search]