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Feb 06, 2009

Tedisco Demanded New York State Suspend Its Vehicle Purchases, Despite Billing Tax Payers

Hypocrisy Watch Day 3: Albany Politician Tedisco Demanded New York State Suspend Its Vehicle Purchases, Despite Billing Taxpayers

$21,000 for His Two State Funded Vehicles


When Albany politician Jim Tedisco was questioned about billing taxpayers $21,000 for travel expense, Tedisco stated, "I don't take any reimbursement for coming from Schenectady to Albany," and then explained that he "harnesses the voices by traveling" across the state representing the Assembly Republican conference. [The New York Observer, 2/5/09]

That sounds nice, but it is not supported by the facts.  Tedisco has failed to account for the money he's billed taxpayers since 2001 when he received his first taxpayer funded vehicle, a full four years before becoming Assembly Minority Leader. Tedisco is also one of only three Assembly Members who secured a state funded vehicle for their staff as well.  To make matters worse, last November, Tedisco demanded that the state suspend state vehicle purchases at the same time he billed taxpayers tens of thousands for his two state vehicles.


"Albany politician Jim Tedisco has yet to explain why he needs two state vehicles funded by New York taxpayers or account for billing taxpayers $628.46 for gasoline for a single day, four years before he even became Assembly Minority Leader," said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Times are tough in Upstate New York, families deserve accountability for their tax dollars and less double talk from Albany politician Tedisco who calls for cutting taxpayer funded vehicles while billing taxpayers for two of his own."




  • Tedisco Advocated for Cutting Spending on State Vehicles...
    In 2008, Tedisco offered to cut spending on the state budget by suspending state vehicle purchases.
    • "How ‘bout if we suspend state vehicle purchases for ‘ya? Can we do some of that?" Tedisco asked Gov. Patterson. "We got a few ideas, Governor. Why don't you bring us in the room and let us sit down and talk about some of these things." [NY Leaders meeting transcript, 11/18/08; See 3:05 on:]


... But Spent Over $20,000 on Gas for State Vehicle


  • Tedisco began using a state funded vehicle in 2001 with oil and gas purchases provided by taxpayer dollars


From September 2000 through March 2008, Tedisco charged $21,343.76 in state vehicle oil and gas receipts, despite living only 17 miles from the Capitol. [New York State Assembly, Expenditure Reports, 1996-2008; Google Maps]


Tedisco's office even provides his aide, Howard Becker, with a state vehicle, making him one of only three in the Assembly to have one. [Times-Union, 3/19/07]


  • Hundreds of Dollars Charged on Same Day in 2001

The oil and gas receipts in 2001 are notable for two occasions where substantial amounts were charged on the same day.

    • On June 29, 2001, a total of $413.80 was charged for oil and gas in three separate charges.
    • On December 11, 2001, a total of $628.46 was charged in five separate charges. [New York State Assembly, Expenditure Reports, 1996-2008]