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Mar 27, 2009

Tedisco Continues to Repeat Bogus Claims about “Pork,” but now Tedisco Claims he Never Called it Por

Tedisco Continues to Repeat Bogus Claims about "Pork," but now Tedisco Claims he Never Called it Pork.  Really?


Career Albany politician Jim Tedisco not only continues to repeat his false claims that the middle class tax cuts and investments in health care and infrastructure in the President's recovery package are $300 billion in pork -- but now he's denying he ever used the word "pork" to describe the package.  It's just like a career Albany politician like Jim Tedisco to publicly repeat something for a month and then turn around and deny it.


"The fact that career Albany politician Jim Tedisco thinks investments in infrastructure, healthcare, and the largest middle class tax cut in American history are ‘pork' proves how out of touch Tedisco is with Upstate New Yorkers," said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Then, Tedisco lies about calling the President's middle class tax cuts and job creating investments ‘pork' in the first place.  The last thing Upstate New Yorkers need representing them is another career politician who plays fast and loose with the truth."




Tedisco's Lie:  At last night's debate, Tedisco said "The only candidate here who has used the word ‘pork' is you, Scott. I've used the words ‘agenda' and ‘philosophical spending.'" [WROW Debate, 3/26/09]


FACT: Tedisco has been calling the recovery package ‘pork' for more than a month now.


On February 12th, Tedisco called the package "Washington-style, Mickey-Mouse pork barrel politics at its worst." [The Hill, 2/13/09]


On March 16th, Tedisco said his main objection to the bill was the $300 billion in pork that was included.  [Albany Times Union, 3/16/09]


On March 18th, Tedisco said the stimulus plan was "full of pork." [Capital 9 News, 3/16/09]