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Oct 28, 2013

Tea Party Turns to Richard Tisei to Continue Reckless Mission‎

Just days after forcing a reckless shutdown on the country that brought the government to a screeching halt, the Tea Party has now turned to Richard Tisei once again to help carry out their radical mission in Massachusetts.  Tisei announced today that he is considering running for Congress once again as he continues his radical crusade to force his out of touch agenda on the people of Massachusetts. 

“Shutting down the government and threatening our economic recovery was not enough for Richard Tisei and the Tea Party, now they want to force the same recklessness and irresponsible brinksmanship on Massachusetts,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Voters have already rejected Richard Tisei and the Tea Party’s attempt to add another reliable rubberstamp to its ranks and they won’t be fooled this time around either.  Richard Tisei is so disconnected from reality, and on such a radical mission that he thinks he can force his reckless agenda on Massachusetts just days after the Tea Party and his right wing allies brought the government to a screeching halt.” 


Tisei Called the Tea Party a “God-Send.” “The Tea Party has been a God-send to (Republicans). They have been the people who work the country up and made it realize it was about to go over a cliff,” Tisei said.  [Tewksbury Patch, 1/14/12]