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Aug 21, 2012

Tea Party Tony Strickland’s First Ad Tries to Trick Voters

Tea Party congressional candidate Tony Strickland (CA-26) introduced his first ad today and it’s chock full of hypocrisy and lies in an effort to disguise his own extreme positions, particularly on Medicare.

“Tea Party Tony Strickland has toed the extreme Republican Party line his whole career, so voters shouldn’t be tricked into thinking he would do any different in Washington,” said Amber Moon of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Tea Party Tony is willing to do or say anything to get elected, even repeating false claims to distract from his own record.”





Nancy Pelosi recruited Los Angeles liberal Julia Brownley to advance her agenda in Congress.



Strickland Was Labeled “Ultra-Conservative” by the Los Angeles Times. [Los Angeles Times, 11/10/00]


Strickland was the Founding Member of the California Club for Growth. [Press-Telegram, 4/12/06]


Strickland Called Founder of Club for Growth Who Advocated for Privatizing Social Security His “Hero.” In 2003, Strickland called that founder of Club For Growth Stephen Moore his “hero.” Moore advocated for Bush’s plan to add private investment accounts to Social Security. He also said  in an interview that the idea of providing prescription drug benefits to seniors is “nuts” and went on to call senior citizens “the most selfish group in America today.” [Ventura County Star, 11/10/03; Baltimore Sun, 5/31/05; Daily Times, 10/30/08]



Brownley cut programs Ventura County families depend on.



Voted Against Making Sure 600,000 Kids Didn’t Lose Access to Healthy Families Program. In 2009, Strickland voted against AB 1422, which was a plan to prevent hundreds of thousands of children from losing the Healthy Families health insurance program. The bill was to approve creating a 2.35 percent tax on the gross premiums of companies that manage Medi-Cal insurance plans. The bill’s revenue enhancement was lower than a separate 5.5 percent fee on total revenue that businesses that manage Medi-Cal plans will no longer pay, under federal guidelines. Former Assembly Speaker Karen Bass said of the bill “We have an opportunity to make sure more than 600,000 kids don’t lose access to health care, which would be devastating, especially as more and more parents lose their employer-based coverage in this recession.” [Sacramento Bee, 9/3/09; AB 1422, 9/3/09]



Brownley’s attacks hide her plan to cut over $700 billion from Medicare to pay for Pelosi’s healthcare plan. Surprised? I’m Tony Strickland, I’ll protect Medicare. And I approve this message.



PolitiFact Called the Claim that Democrats Cut Medicare by $700 Billion a “Pants on Fire” Lie. In a series of news releases dealing with the national health care reform law, the National Republican Congressional Committee claimed 37 House Democrats were “willing to jeopardize seniors’ access to coverage by gutting $741 billion from Medicare” to pay for a “big-government healthcare takeover.” PolitiFact wrote “There’s only one ruling for such heated and misleading claims: Pants on Fire!” [PolitiFact, 8/19/12]


Gave Congressman Paul Ryan “A Lot of Credit” for Proposing a Plan to End Traditional Medicare. [Blog, Ventura County Star, 8/14/12]


Strickland Praised Congressman Paul Ryan for Offering Plans to End Medicare. In 2012, it was reported that Strickland praised House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan for “coming up with ways to reform Medicare.” [Ventura County Star, 5/3/12; Cal Lutheran University & Acorn Newspaper Candidate Forum, 1:01:43, 5/7/12]


Strickland Didn’t Oppose Turning Medicare into a Voucher Program for Those Under the Age of 50. Strickland said he thought Paul Ryan's plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system deserves “a lot of credit,” and didn’t oppose turning Medicare into a voucher program for seniors under that age of 50. [Blog, Ventura County Star, 8/14/12]