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Oct 26, 2011

Tea Party Candidate Rob Cornilles Running Away From His Extreme Record In New Ad

Tea Party congressional candidate Rob Cornilles has a new television ad designed to trick Oregon voters into thinking he is a moderate. In the ad titled “Running,” Cornilles attempts to cover up his extreme positions by claiming he wants to “protect Social Security and Medicare.”  In reality, Cornilles, who has called himself “the original Tea Party candidate,” has expressed his support for privatizing both Medicare and Social Security.

“No matter how hard Tea Party candidate Rob Cornilles tries, he can’t run from his extreme positions like his support for privatizing Medicare and Social Security,” said Amber Moon, Western Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Rob Cornilles thinks he can trick Oregon voters into believing he is a moderate, but the self-professed Tea Party candidate is just too extreme for Oregon.”


Cornilles Claimed He Would Protect Medicare and Social Security. In Cornilles’s ad claimed he would “protect Social Security and Medicare.” [Cornilles for Congress, uploaded 10/24/11]

  • Supported a Private Option for Medicare. In 2011, Cornilles said he supported a “hybrid” approach of giving seniors a choice between the existing system and a private option in relation to the Republican budget plan. [Oregonian, 10/11/11]
  • Supported Private Option for Social Security. When asked about the Ryan Plan, Cornilles said, “Right now there’s two plans, essentially, one is to let Social Security go bankrupt by doing nothing, by allowing it to just continue on its present course. And the other is to take it totally private. I think that somewhere in between, I think you create an opportunity rather to allow people more choice.” [Pacific University Candidate Forum, 31:54, 10/9/11]
  • Talked About Allowing Choice Between Private Plans and Current System for Medicare and Social Security. In 2011, the Oregonian reported, “Cornilles said he would support a ‘hybrid’ approach for Medicare that would allow seniors to choose between private plans and the current system.  And he has also talked about allowing more choice in Social Security as well.” [Oregonian, 10/25/11]

Cornilles Called Himself “The Original Tea Party Candidate.” In 2010, Cornilles called himself “the original Tea Party candidate” because he epitomized Tea Party values. [Executive Club forum, 5/5/10]