Campaign 2010

Apr 15, 2010

Tax Day Provides A Reminder: Tim Burns’ Tax Agenda Only Benefits Millionaires Like Himself

Tax Day provides a reminder that Republican Tim Burns is only looking out for millionaires like himself, not working families across Western Pennsylvania.  Tim Burns’ tax agenda calls for higher taxes for working families, stands against the largest tax cut in American history for those same working families, and even opposes taxing outrageous bonuses that CEO’s collected courtesy of tax payer funded bailouts.


“Tim Burns’ tax agenda would only benefit millionaires like himself, and it would do so at the expense of working families across Western Pennsylvania,” said Shripal Shah, Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “If Tim Burns had his way, working families would be paying higher taxes right now while CEOs on Wall Street would be raking in egregious tax payer funded bonuses.”


“This kind of agenda may work just fine for millionaires like Tim Burns but it would have a devastating impact on working families who are struggling. Western Pennsylvania simply can’t afford Tim Burns’ reckless tax agenda right now.”




In a May 2009 interview on Front Lines Blog, Tim Burns stated his support for the regressive Fair Tax, even though it would only benefit those making over $200,000 a year. In Pennsylvania, middle income Pennsylvania families would see their taxes increase by $3,818 per year. The top one percent would see their taxes cut by $187,080 a year.  [Front Lines Blog, 5/14/09; Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy;, 5/31/07;, 3/29/10]


Tim Burns opposed taxing million dollar bonuses that CEOs from bailed out companies collected courtesy of tax payer dollars. [Front Lines Blog, 5/14/09]


Tim Burns opposed the largest tax cut in American history for working families.   Burns says that he “could list 101 reasons why the stimulus package shouldn’t have been passed.” In particular, he opposed “the billions of dollars in unnecessary pork barrel projects,” including “billions of dollars that will be spent on building new and improving existing federal office buildings.”  [Tim Burns for Congress Blog, 2/18/09]


The plan contained the largest tax cuts in history by providing $288 billion in tax cuts and benefits for millions of working families and businesses. [,  US News and World Report, 2/12/2009]


According to a new report released by the Citizens for Tax Justice, 99 percent of working families and individuals in Pennsylvania benefitted from at least one of the tax cuts signed into law by President Obama. Working people in Pennsylvania received $1,220 on average from these breaks. These tax breaks benefitted working people at all income levels. [Citizens for Tax Justice]