Campaign 2010

Jul 25, 2008


Walsh votes against temporarily releasing 10% of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve


What is with Jim Walsh and Dale Sweetland's saying "no" to common sense measures to lower the cost of gasoline?  Last night, Jim Walsh voted against legislation that would temporarily release 10 percent of the oil in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve even though each time the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been tapped or suspended, gas prices immediately dropped by 20 percent or more.  And Republican candidate Dale Sweetland turned heads last weekend when he explained that we could lower gas prices-just by talking about it!  According to Sweetland, "we don't even need to drill, we just need to say we are going to drill." [Sweetland press conference, 7/19] He then claimed that such empty talk had already brought down the price of oil. 


"Clearly, neither Jim Walsh nor career politician Dale Sweetland are willing to fight for anything that would actually reduce gas prices.  Sweetland claims we can just talk our way of high gas prices - get real," said Carrie James, regional press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. 


"Gasoline is costing New Yorkers more than four dollars a gallon, and Dale Sweetland's empty words won't solve the problem. His all-talk-and-no-action approach is not going to solve the mortgage crisis, reduce the cost of health care or help middle class Americans get ahead.  This is why Central New York is solidly behind Dan Maffei-he is talking about real solutions to real problems," James said.  


See Sweetland's comments for yourself: