Campaign 2010

Nov 08, 2012

Speaker Boehner: What Tea Party?

After House Democrats rolled back the Tea Party wave in Tuesday’s election and defeated more incumbent Republicans than even in 2008, Speaker John Boehner tried to disavow the Tea Party in an interview with ABC tonight.  Speaker Boehner said “We don't have a Tea Party caucus to speak of in the House.”


“No matter how hard Speaker Boehner tries to cover it up, voters know that the House Republican Caucus and the Tea Party are the exact same thing and that’s why they fired Tea Party incumbents in this week’s election,” said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The American people sent 16 Tea Party Republican incumbents packing on election night and now Speaker Boehner is trying to hide his Tea Party agenda before it starts costing Republicans even more seats. Speaker Boehner pledged to actually gain seats in the 2012 elections, so maybe falling so short of his goal has just made it harder to remember reality.”