Campaign 2010

Sep 14, 2010

Six Truths About Sean Duffy’s Dangerous Six Point Agenda

Fresh off his win in tonight’s Republican Primary, Sean Duffy (WI-07) already has some explaining to do to Central and Northern Wisconsin families over his dangerous policy proposals for Wisconsin.  As Sean Duffy discusses his plans for Congress, he has not been truthful with Wisconsin voters about how damaging his proposals are to our nation’s economy and Wisconsin’s future prosperity.

“Sean Duffy’s proposals are dangerously out of step with Central and Northern Wisconsin values and priorities,” said Gabby Adler, Midwestern Regional Press Secretary with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “When the curtain is pulled back and voters are allowed to know the truth about Sean Duffy’s ideas, they see his real plans to put wealthy special interests ahead of Wisconsin’s future prosperity.  The only thing more disheartening than Duffy’s dangerous agenda and it perilous economic effects, is his blatant attempt to cover up the real facts.”

Six Truths Sean Duffy Doesn’t Want You To Know About His Six Point Agenda:

  1. Sean Duffy wants to protect special tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas [; Citizens for Tax Justice, 8/25/10; Washington Post, 8/5/10]
  1. Sean Duffy wants to privatize Social Security [YouTube, "Sean Duffy Supports Paul Ryan Budget (WI-07); Congressional Budget Office, 1/27/10]
  1. Sean Duffy wants to end Medicare as we know it, slashing benefits for all Seniors [YouTube, "Sean Duffy Supports Paul Ryan Budget (WI-07); Washington Post, 2/1/10; CBPP, 3/10/10]
  1. Sean Duffy wants to leave Wisconsin’s rural communities at an economic disadvantage by depriving businesses, libraries, hospitals, and public safety facilities access to broadband technology [; Department of Commerce, “Secretary Gary Locke Announces Recovery Act Investments to Expand Broadband Internet Access and Spur Economic Growth,” 9/13/10]
  1. Sean Duffy wants to see millions of teachers, cops and firefighters laid off this fall, including 3,000 educators in Wisconsin [; Washington Post, 8/5/10]
  1. Sean Duffy is opposed to critical Wall street reforms that reign in the greed of the very Wall Street CEOs who took our economy to the brink [Wausau Daily Herald, 8/23/10]