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Sep 30, 2013

‘Shutdown’ Bobby Schilling Embraces Washington Gridlock

Former one-term Tea Party Congressman Bobby Schilling must be taking his advice from Joe Walsh. Following a campaign event last week with the Tea Party firebrand, Schilling has now embraced a government shutdown.

“Bobby Schilling is making it easy for voters to remember why they threw him out of office by backing a government shutdown so that insurance companies can charge more for fewer benefits and protections,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Bobby Schilling couldn’t be more wrong on the issues, whether it’s his push to give tax breaks to companies shipping jobs overseas or raising Medicare costs to cut taxes for the wealthy, and that’s why he’ll be rejected by the voters yet again.”


2013: Schilling Said He Would Do “Whatever it Takes” To Repeal or Defund the Health Care Reform. In September 2013, Schilling wrote, “I have consistently opposed Obamacare since I first ran for Congress in 2010. I support repealing it, defunding it, dismantling it—whatever it takes to get this train-wreck off the books.” [Schilling Fundraising Email, September 2013]

  • McClatchy: “Social Security Payments Could be Delayed […] Health Care and Other Services for Veterans Could be Curtailed.” “Social Security payments could be delayed, new claims not processed; in 1996 Shutdown, furloughed workers were recalled to alliate backlogs. […] “Military would continue to work but get IOUs for paychecks during shutdown. Health care and other services for veterans could be curtailed.” [McClatchy, 9/25/13]
  • CBO: Abolishing Health Care Reform would Raise Deficit by over $100 Billion over 10 Years. “Congressional budget analysts said Wednesday that repealing ObamaCare would increase the deficit by scrapping the law's taxes, fees and spending cuts. […] Director Doug Elmendorf pointed to an estimate from July 2012 that abolishing healthcare reform would raise the deficit by $109 billion over 10 years.” [The Hill, 5/15/13]
  • Ezra Klein: “A Government Shutdown Will Cost Us Billions.” “To understand what Congress is risking every time it nears a shutdown, consider what past ones have cost. In 1996, the Office of Management and Budget tallied the two major shutdowns of the decade at about $1.4 billion. Adjusting for inflation would bring that total to more than $2 billion in today’s dollars...” [Washington Post, 9/23/12]

Schilling Voted to Go Off Fiscal Cliff. In January 2013, Schilling voted to go off the fiscal cliff. Not coming to an agreement on the fiscal cliff would have meant tax increases for the middle class. Under the final deal, the tax rate on individuals making over $400,000 a year and couples making above $450,000 a year would rise to 39.6 percent and the tax rate on capital gains and dividends on those same tax payers would increase to 20 percent. The deal would also reinstate limits on household deductions and create surcharges on investment and regular income that would target wealthy households. The New York Times reported that 99.3 percent of households would experience no change in their income taxes resulting from the deal. The bill passed, 257-167. [HR 8, Vote #659, 1/01/13; New York Times, 1/04/13]

         Economists Predicted Going Over Cliff Would Spark Recession, Millions of Lost Jobs. In November 2012, the CBO predicted that going over the fiscal cliff would send the economy back into a recession while causing            unemployment to rise to 9.1 percent by fall 2013. The National Association of Manufacturers predicted that if Congress failed to avert the cliff, nearly 6 million jobs could be destroyed through 2014 while the               unemployment rate could rise to 12 percent. [Associated Press, 11/08/12; Washington Post, 10/25/12]