Campaign 2010

Jan 06, 2014

SHOT/CHASER: David Jolly Caught in a Lie

SHOT: “When someone in the audience said they heard he had lobbied on behalf of oil-drilling interests, Jolly called it ‘a complete fabrication.’" [Tampa Bay Times, 1/06/13]

CHASER: Jolly Lobbied on Behalf of Bill that Would Expand Offshore Drilling, Undo Protections Implemented Following Deepwater Horizon Disaster.  In 2011 Jolly lobbied on behalf of Free Enterprise Nation for the Roadmap for America’s Energy Future. The Weekly Standard reported that “the legislation would open up the Outer Continental Shelf to offshore drilling.” Then Assistant Secretary of Energy David Sandalow said the bill would result in “undercutting safety and environmental reforms adopted in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.” In a blog post for Free Enterprise Nation, Jolly said  the organization was advocating for the bill. [Three Bridges Advisors Lobbying Report, Q1 2011; Weekly Standard, 3/02/11; Statement of Assistant Secretary David Sandalow, 6/03/11; Free Enterprise Nation, 4/25/11]

From David Bergstein of the DCCC: “Washington lobbyist David Jolly is proving exactly why Pinellas residents don’t trust D.C. lobbyists – lying to Pinellas residents about his record of lobbying for off-shore drilling. It’s exactly dishonest lobbyists like Jolly who are responsible for the dysfunctional politics and gridlock in Washington that hurts Pinellas families – and it’s another example proving that David Jolly would do what lobbyists always do in Congress: make things worse.”