Campaign 2010

Sep 24, 2010

Shadowy, Secret Special Interest Group Has Television Ad Pulled for Falsehoods

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee responded to the decision by Virginia TV station WSET to remove an ad by Americans for Job Security because it was deemed misleading. Americans for Job Security attempted to mislead voters in Virginia’s 9th district about their incumbent member’s voting record with the Speaker.

“This is just further proof that say-anything corporate funded shadowy special interests groups can’t be trusted by the voters in their districts,” said Jesse Ferguson, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Americans for Job Security and other groups like it might sound harmless but their agenda is dictated by their corporate and potentially foreign funded interests and their record of telling the truth has as many holes as Swiss cheese. Ads from Americans for Job Security and groups like it should come with a warning label – ‘Viewer Beware’- because they can’t be trusted to tell the truth, only to advance their dangerous, job-killing agenda on behalf of multinational corporate masters.”

A shadow descends on the 9th district

“The group keeps its members' identities secret. The name is just a feel-good front. Members could be foreign corporations, wealthy industrialists or even environmentalists “

[Roanoke Times Editorial, 9/22/10]

In the Shadows (Raleigh News and Observer)

 “The attackers, or sponsors, are those who run some outfit called Americans for Job Security. It's one of a multitude of groups doing political business these days as professional gunslingers for big business interests that essentially oppose regulation and common-sense accountability rules protecting American taxpayers from free-wheeling greed exercised in the name of free enterprise. (The excesses of which can be seen in the context of a little something called the Great Recession.) And thanks to inadequate rules of disclosure, the public has no way of knowing who or what is financing these big money campaigns.”  [Raleigh News and Observer Editorial, 9/16/10]


“A local ABC television affiliate in Lynchburg, Va., this week pulled an ad run by the conservative third party group Americans for Job Security after Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va.) claimed the ads were false and misleading.” [Roll Call, 9/22/10]