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Sep 03, 2013

San Diegans to Damaged Carl DeMaio: No Thanks

As Carl DeMaio openly considered running for San Diego mayor, he got a loud and clear message from his fellow San Diego Republicans: no thanks. In the course of the past several weeks, Carl DeMaio’s damaged reputation, extreme record and self-inflicted scandal wounds convinced San Diegans to coalesce around another candidate.

Another run for mayor was DeMaio’s preference—after all, he held a press conference devoted exclusively to municipal issues last week. But with local Republican leaders backing a less-damaged candidate, Carl DeMaio is hoping that voters will forget about his problems by next November.

“The past few weeks have shown that Carl DeMaio can’t answer serious questions about his extreme record and personal conduct,” said Matt Inzeo of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “San Diegans deserve public servants who stand for the community’s needs and priorities and do so with integrity, but Carl DeMaio fails this test.”


DeMaio Decided Not to Run for Mayor after  Republican Power Brokers Backed Opponent. “Former City Councilman Carl DeMaio said Tuesday he’ll move forward with his bid for Congress and forego a second attempt at running for San Diego mayor. The decision comes after lengthy behind-the-scenes deliberations among Republican power brokers this past weekend in which they urged DeMaio to stay in the congressional race and unanimously agreed to back Councilman Kevin Faulconer in the mayor’s race.” [San Diego Union-Tribune, 9/03/13]