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Sep 15, 2005

Running for the Hills: Republicans Retreat From Privatization

DCCC Press

Sep 15, 2005

Running for the Hills: Republicans Retreat From Privatization

DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel: GOP Policy and Strategy “Insolvent”

(Washington, D.C.) – According a Roll Call source today, Congressman Tom Reynolds (R-NY) proposed to his colleagues that they not pursue the president's risky plan to privatize Social Security, worrying aloud that: "...we'd be forcing our vulnerables to walk to the plank for nothing." [Roll Call, 9/15/05]

"The truth is, the Republican plan on Social Security is as insolvent as the political strategy behind it," said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel. "American seniors can be grateful that sinking poll numbers, a desire to save their political skin and united Democratic opposition combined to force the Republican majority to abandon their reckless privatization plan."

Other Evidence of an Insolvent GOP:

Republican support achieves new low: In a recent Newsweek poll, 38 percent of registered voters say they would vote for a Republican for Congress if the Congressional elections were held today, while 50 say they would vote for a Democrat. [Newsweek, 9/10/05]

NRCC Creates Spin Control Position: According to Roll Call today, for the first time in a decade, Republican campaign committee brings in a senior level aide to stem Republican message problems in the House.

NRCC Chairman concedes competitive field: This weekend, Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY), conceded that there are 30 truly competitive House seats across the country. The NRCC has previously said that there were only a few seats in play. [Washington Post, 9/11/05]

DeLay Chief Quits: In the midst of the toughest ethical accusations of his career, Tom DeLay's chief of staff announced that he is leaving DeLay’s operation. Now is the time, as the pitch of his ethics battles increases and his associates are being indicted and even arrested, Tom DeLay could really use his closest aides most.

Republican leadership marred by ethical scandals in Washington.

Tom DeLay was admonished a record three times by the House Ethics Committee. In addition to these ethics charges, DeLay's friends and close associates have been indicted, even arrested. One associate, super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff was recently indicted, arrested and later released on bail, and just last week, a political action committee associated with DeLay, was indicted last week for illegally accepting corporate contributions. Once again, this week, more indictments came down from a Texas grand jury for two Tom DeLay associates who are accused of money laundering and violations of the Texas Election Code and criminal conspiracy to violate the Texas Election Code.