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Aug 08, 2008

Robin Hayes Spends Recess with Big Oil Friends in Texas, Not Middle Class Families in North Carolina

Congressman Robin Hayes spent the first part of his recess visiting the people who really matter to him - his Big Oil pals.  This week, Congressman Hayes was in Texas ranking in cash from Big Oil with a fundraising swing.  Congressman Hayes also visited an oil refinery, to see how his up to $23 million in Big Oil investments were looking.


"Instead of meeting with his constituents and listening to their concerns over skyrocketing gas prices, Congressman Robin Hayes decided to spend the first part of his recess with the people he truly represents -- his Big Oil friends," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Not only does Congressman Hayes' out-of-touch voting record shows a decade-long loyalty to the Big Oil companies, but the minute he's done voting, he goes to Texas to raise money from Big Oil as well."





  • The Abilene Reporter-News reported Robin Hayes was raising money during a swing through Texas and taking a tour in the production side of the oil business [Abilene Reporter-News <> , 8/5/08]



  • Robin Hayes' Personal Financial Disclosures show Hayes owns between $6,880,016 and $23,050,000 in Big Oil stock, including Andarko Petroleum, BP, Exxon, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Royal Dutch Shell, and Sunoco. [Hayes Personal Financial Disclosure filed 5/15/08]



  • Hayes has taken $175,855 from the oil and gas industry. [; Accessed: 7/28/08]