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May 15, 2014

Right Wing Establishment Rallies for Reliable Rubberstamp Richard Tisei

Right Wing Establishment Rallies for Reliable Rubberstamp Richard Tisei

Kevin McCarthy to Headline Tisei Fundraiser


The reckless right wing establishment’s top brass are already rallying to help their reliable rubberstamp Richard Tisei. Republican Whip Kevin McCarthy is in Massachusetts to help Tisei rake in campaign cash at a fundraiser in Boston later today. This latest right wing establishment effort to boost Tisei is just more proof that Tisei will rubberstamp their out-of-touch agenda that seeks to end the Medicare guarantee, raise taxes, and hurt Massachusetts families.

“The right wing establishment will do anything to elect Richard Tisei because they know he will be a reliable rubberstamp for their out-of-touch agenda that will hurt Massachusetts families,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Whether it’s taking his marching orders from Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan who want to end the Medicare guarantee, or refusing to support raising the minimum wage, top brass in the right wing establishment are eager to bankroll Tisei’s campaign because they know they can count on his vote. Tisei has already proven he will vote in lockstep with the reckless Republican establishment, and now they are filling his campaign coffers with cash so he can impose their irresponsible agenda on Massachusetts.”



Kevin McCarthy to headline Tisei fundraiser. On Thursday 5/15, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy will headline a fundraiser for Richard Tisei at the Harvard Club in Boston.

Tisei Has Taken $44,000 from House Republican Leadership.  Between 2012 and 2014, Tisei received $44,000 from House Republican leadership including $20,000 from ERIC PAC, $10,000 from Kevin McCarthy’s Majority Committee PAC, $10,000 from John Boehner’s Freedom Project, and $4,000 from Friends of John Boehner. [CQMoneyLine, accessed 5/15/14]