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Sep 29, 2005

Will Connecticut Republicans Join Fellow Republican Congressman in Returning DeLay Money?

DCCC Press

Sep 29, 2005

Will Connecticut Republicans Join Fellow Republican Congressman in Returning DeLay Money?

New Hampshire Congressman First to Return Money, Others May Follow

  • $50,040 Amount of money Connecticut Republicans have taken from Tom DeLay. (Full member list below.)

    (Washington, D.C.) - The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today asked whether Connecticut members of Congress will return tainted DeLay money like their Republican colleague did yesterday. Former Republican Majority Tom DeLay, who has given thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to Connecticut Republicans, was indicted yesterday on a felony charge of criminal conspiracy. As a result, Congressman DeLay was forced to step down from his leadership position and currently faces criminal and civil charges in a Texas court.

    "Connecticut families deserve to know why it is that Connecticut Republicans refuse to return money from indicted Congressman Tom DeLay when at least one Republican already has," said Bill Burton communications director of the DCCC. "Tom DeLay's indictment was only one part of a system of pay-to-play and lobbyist-driven legislating that he put into place. Unfortunately, Connecticut House Republicans have supported and benefited this same culture which puts the special interests at the expense of middle class families and our country. Until that system is dismantled and the 'People's House' is returned to the people, Congress will not address the challenges and concerns facing families across our nation. Each Connecticut Republican member of Congress has benefited from the Tom DeLay machine and they all should answer whether or not they will continue to benefit from his dirty donations to their campaign funds."

    Arrested Developments:

  • Tom DeLay adds indictment to growing scandal. Yesterday Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay was indicted by a Texas grand jury on one count of conspiring to violate political fundraising laws. Tom DeLay was admonished a record three times by the House Ethics Committee. In addition to these ethics charges, DeLay’s friends and close associates have been indicted, even arrested. One associate, super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff was recently indicted, arrested and later released on bail, and just this month, a political action committee associated with DeLay, was indicted for illegally accepting corporate contributions. Once again, this week, more indictments came down from a Texas grand jury for two Tom DeLay associates who are accused of money laundering and violations of the Texas Election Code and criminal conspiracy to violate the Texas Election Code.
  • So far one DeLay benefactor is returning the money. Congressman Jeb Bradley (R-NH) has decided to return the DeLay money. Bradley said in a statement that though the political action committee that gave him money is not under investigation he is returning it to remove any question about the nature of the contribution. [AP, 9/29/05]

    Will the Connecticut Republican Congressional Delegation Stand by Their Man?

    With their ethically challenged leader now indicted by a grand jury in Texas, here’s a look back at what members of the Connecticut Republican delegation have said about Tom DeLay:

    Shays on DeLay: "I think he's been a great majority leader." [Congressional Quarterly, 10/7/2004]

    Simmons on DeLay: "Resign?" he asked. "For what?" [Hartford Courant, March 31, 2005]

    Johnson on DeLay: "What's really significant in this decision by the Ethics Committee is that Tom Delay was exonerated on every count, every count." [Fox Special Report with Brit Hume, 10/7/04; 6:21 p.m.]

    More Johnson: Shortly after the elections, the moderate Johnson told National Journal: "I have confidence in Tom Delay, because he listens to the moderates. When you're in the leadership, you cannot run your own agenda. You have to run an agenda that reflects the views of the caucus." [National Journal, 11/15/03]

    Amount Connecticut Members of Congress Have Taken From DeLay:

  • Nancy Johnson: $10,020.
  • Rob Simmons: $40,000.