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Sep 03, 2008

Resorting to Old Tricks, Oberweis Uses Ice Cream Business to Advance Political Career

Same Ad Agency Produces Similar Spots for Oberweis Campaign and Ice Cream Business

Resorting to his old tricks of using his ice cream empire to get ahead in politics, in recent days, Jim Oberweis is under fire again for releasing campaign ads resembling those of his Oberweis Dairy ads and the production company just happens to be the same for both. According to the Federal Election Commission, Aspect Media Inc was paid thousands to produce ads for Oberweis. Aspect Media Inc also produces commercials for Oberweis Dairy [Aspect Media website].


"After running four divisive and negative campaigns against Democrats and Republicans, Jim Oberweis proves once again he will do or say anything to get elected to Congress," said Ryan Rudominer, DCCC Midwest Regional Press Secretary. "But, all the ice cream in Illinois cannot hide the fact that voters have rejected Jim Oberweis four times for his long history of deceiving voters and for being out of touch with middle class families." 

For a sample Oberweis Dairy ad, click here. To view the new Jim Oberweis ads, click here.


  • The FEC has previously sanctioned Jim Oberweis and Oberweis Dairy and fined them $21,000 for illegally using corporate resources for campaign purposes. [Associated Press, 7/27/07]


  • The DCCC filed a complaint on 3/7/08 with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Jim Oberweis, the Republican Congressional candidate in IL-14, and Oberweis Dairy. The complaint alleged that Oberweis benefited from Oberweis Dairy resources when the Dairy filed and promoted a frivolous lawsuit against the DCCC for its ads hitting Oberweis on his hypocrisy of using polarizing rhetoric on illegal immigration while benefiting from illegal immigrants' labor. To view the complaint, click here.