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Apr 15, 2014

Republicans Scramble to Hide Anti-Woman Agenda

Washington Republicans are scrambling harder than ever this week to put on a show pretending to be on the side of American women.  Republicans’ perennial pitch is becoming as predictable as it is repetitive; every few months, Republicans shout from the roof tops about some new strategy that will overwhelmingly obscure their actual agenda: voting to oppose equal pay, blocking the Violence Against Women Act, and restricting women’s access to life-saving health care.

Like clockwork, those strategies fall flat, and this week’s latest gambits have no more hope than previous iterations.

In the past few days alone, Republicans have rolled out a plethora of programs destined for the dustbin of history. Start with the party that ignores equal pay measures in its platform now launching yet another “new” project to reach women. Take Cathy McMorris Rogers – the only woman in House leadership saying that she supports equal pay, but voting against it. Or take her fellow equal pay opponent Marsha Blackburn claiming that Republicans “led the fight for women’s equality,”

“The Republican plan to win over American women is pretty simple: claim to support everything you’re voting against and hope no one pays attention to the truth,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “The sad reality is that this Republican Congress goes out of their way to undermine women’s rights and then is shocked when their efforts to claim otherwise fall flat. If Republicans want women to support them, the first step is simple: stand with women.”

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