Campaign 2010

May 19, 2010

Republicans Hoping Voters Forget About Dave Argallís Shady Past

Republicans in Pennsylvania’s 17th district this evening nominated State Senator Dave Argall, an unethical Harrisburg politician already well-known for using his position to help himself and line his own pockets instead of helping Pennsylvanians.  State Senator Argall helped orchestrate the 2005 pay-raise scandal and has raked in almost $10,000 in taxpayer funded per diems in less than one year. 


“Republican Dave Argall has already proven his blatant disregard for anything other than his own personal interests.  After raking in almost $10,000 in taxpayer funded per diems and after his role as an architect in the 2005 pay raise scandal, it is clear that Argall is nothing more than a self-serving Harrisburg politician,” said Shripal Shah, Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “In these tough times, middle class Pennsylvanians are looking for someone who will fight to create jobs, not a self-serving politician only looking to line his pockets like Argall.”




Argall collected almost $10,000 in per diems just last year alone.  “The government watchdog group said Tuesday that, between last March and September, Argall had billed the state for 71 per diem expenses totaling almost $10,000. Fifty-nine of those per diems, the group said, fell on days the legislature was in session.” [, 1/19/10]


Argall was one of the architects of the 2005 pay-raise scandal in Harrisburg. At approximately 2 AM on July 7, 2005, the Pennsylvania Assembly passed a pay increase of up to 34% for state lawmakers, executive-branch officials, and judges without any sort of public review; Argall was one of three State Assemblymen who introduced the bill and shepherd along its passage.  [HB 1521, 2005 Regular Session, 7/07/05]