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Mar 14, 2014

Republican Nomination for Sale – Tom MacArthur is the Highest Bidder

South Jersey’s right wing establishment couldn’t find a strong enough Republican candidate who actually lives in the district, so they put the nomination up for sale – and Tom MacArthur was already the highest bidder, buying a new house 75 miles away from the town where he served as mayor just to run for Congress. 

And now he’s doing even more to purchase the Republican nomination. MacArthur wrote a $25,000 check to the Ocean County Republican Committee, and then was recommended by its screening committee as the preferred candidate last week. 

“South Jersey’s right wing establishment can’t find anyone in their right mind to run under their toxic banner who doesn’t have a toxic record and actually lives in the district – so the they put the nomination up for sale and Tom MacArthur is the highest bidder,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Tom MacArthur can’t even win his own party’s nomination on his failed record – never mind the election – so now he’s opened his wallet to try and buy himself onto the ballot.”


December 2013: MacArthur Announced That He’d Move to the District and Donated $25,300 to Ocean County GOP Committee. “MacArthur, a wealthy businessman who has been criticized by a handful of local Republicans for being one of two CD 3 hopefuls who relocated to the district ahead of the upcoming election, wrote two checks to the county’s GOP committee in December totaling $25,300, according to an Election Law Enforcement Commission report for the Ocean County GOP organization.” [PolitickerNJ, 3/13/14]

March 2014: Ocean County GOP Committee Endorsed MacArthur. “The screening committee will recommend Tom MacArthur, former mayor of Randolph, for the position of U.S. Congressman, sources told PolitickerNJ. That means MacArthur has a leap on landing the coveted organization line in Ocean and complementing that support with the line in Burlington in the two-headed congressional district containing portions of Ocean and Burlington.” [PolitickerNJ, 3/02/14]