Campaign 2010

Sep 15, 2010

Republican Leader and NRCC Chairman Fights for Congress to “Buy Foreign”

NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions – the head of the House Republican campaign arm - today voted against legislation requiring that all products purchased by the Congress of the United States of America, be made in America. The United States has lost 5,645,9000 jobs due to unfair trade as of 2007. [Economic Policy Institute, 10/2/08]

“While people are struggling to find jobs, Pete Sessions fought against Congress buying its products here in America,” said Jesse Ferguson, Southern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Sessions just told American companies that it’s ok to ‘buy foreign’ and that his priority is protecting corporate profits and overseas workers instead of our own. Concerns have grown for a long time that Sessions and his candidates are far too out of touch with middle class families but this just confirmed it. After they fought to protect tax breaks for big corporations that ship American jobs overseas, the next step was protecting tax dollars going directly to foreign companies. Pete Sessions leadership is undoubtedly going to receive a loud cheer of support in places like Bangalore and Beijing.”


H.R. 2039, the Congressional Made In America Promise Act, clarifies the Buy American Act applies to all products purchased for use by the legislative branch.  [Roll Call 521, 09/15/10]

The bill provides that Buy American requirements apply to articles, materials and supplies acquired for any office in the legislative branch, including the House and the Senate.

The measure also states that the requirements of the Buy American Act will apply to offices of the legislative branch in the same way they apply to federal agencies.