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Jul 01, 2008

Representative Robin Hayes Hazy When It Comes to Big Oil Record

Since he was elected in 1998, Robin Hayes has built a long record of voting with Big Oil and against the interests of working North Carolina families.  Now Hayes is attempting to distance himself from almost a decade-long voting record on the side of Big Oil.  Unfortunately for Hayes, his record of repeatedly opposing penalties for price gouging, voting against investments in energy alternatives and supporting tax breaks for Big Oil tells the whole story.


"Robin Hayes is years late and more than four dollars short when it comes to his record of standing up for Big Oil instead of North Carolina's working families," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the DCCC.  "Robin Hayes has a decade-long and very clear record of standing up for Big Oil, and as much as he would like voters to forget that, Hayes' record can't be ignored."


The DCCC is running radio ads in Hayes' district this week highlighting his support for George Bush and Big Oil, read by a President Bush impersonator.  The ad can be heard at




  • Hayes Repeatedly Opposed Tougher Penalties for Gas Price Gouging:
    • Hayes voted against giving new authority to the Federal Trade Commission to punish price gouging, with any violation punished with up to triple the damages of the profits gained by the violation. HR3893, Vote #518, 10/07/05]
    • Hayes voted against investigating and prosecuting those that engage in predatory pricing, from oil companies on down to gas stations. [HR3893,Vote #517,10/07/05]
    • Hayes voted against prosecuting oil companies engaged in gas price gouging and impose criminal penalties of up to $100 million on corporations, as well as up to $1 million in fines or 10 years in prison or both for individuals. [HR 3402, Vote #500, 9/28/05]
    • Hayes voted against reduce fraud and manipulation of energy markets and prevent future blackouts. [HR 4503, Vote #240, 6/16/04]


  • Hayes Repeatedly Opposed Investments in Renewable and Alternative Energies
    • Hayes voted to reduce funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs by $102 million. [HR 2641, Vote #509, 6/19/07]
    • Hayes voted against increasing funding for renewable energy sources by $30 million [HR 4614, Vote #321, 6/25/04]
    • Hayes voted to weaken critical environmental review provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act on alternative energy programs [HR 4513, Vote #242, 6/15/04]
    • Hayes voted against increasing renewable energy programs by $50 million [HR 2311, Vote #201, 6/28/01]


  • Hayes Repeatedly Opposed Making Oil Companies Pay their Fair Share of Royalties:
    • Hayes supported awarding new leases to oil companies who were drilling offshore without paying royalties. [HR5386, Vote #167, 5/18/06]
    • Hayes voted against barring energy companies not paying full royalties on current offshore leases in the Gulf of Mexico from bidding for ANWR leases.  [HR5429, Vote #208, 5/25/06]
    • Hayes voted for a reduction in the amount of money oil and gas companies must pay the federal government in exchange for drilling in deep areas of the Gulf of Mexico. [HR 6, Vote #142, 4/11/03]
    • Hayes voted to allow oil companies to underpay the royalties owed for drilling on public lands. [HR 2466, Vote #528, 10/21/99]


  • Hayes Supported Handouts to Big Oil, Energy Corporations

Hayes voted to for an estimated $85 billion worth of subsidies and tax breaks for most forms of energy [HR 6, Vote #445, 7/28/05]


  • Hayes Opposed Giving Consumers Immediate Relief at the Gas Pump

Hayes voted against giving immediate relief to consumers at the pump, increasing the nation's investment into renewable fuels and energy efficiency and cracking down on price gouging. [HR 6, Vote #118, 4/20/05]


  • Hayes Opposed Against Removing Big Oil Subsidies and Closing Loopholes:

Hayes voted against a motion to remove subsidies and close loopholes for large integrated oil companies, so that big oil companies would pay their fair share of taxes [HR4297, Vote #109, 4/27/06]


  • Hayes Supported Land Giveaway to Oil Companies

Hayes voted to allow the Secretary of Defense to sell or transfer BRACed land at no cost to an oil company to build a refinery. [HR5254, Vote #232, 6/07/06]


  • Hayes Opposed Release of Petroleum Reserves to Lower Gas Prices

Hayes voted against forcing the government to sell some oil from the strategic petroleum reserve in an effort to drive down spiking gasoline prices. [HR 4568, Vote #262, 6/17/04]


  • Hayes voted in favor of an energy bill that provided $8 billion in tax breaks to energy producers and billions of dollars more in direct federal aid, while doing nothing to lower gas prices and giving short shrift to energy efficiency and renewable fuels. [HR6, Vote #132,4/21/05]
  • Hayes voted in favor of a massive handout to the coal, oil, nuclear and natural gas industries, included $37 billion in corporate tax breaks and subsidies[HR 6, Vote #630, 11/18/03]
  • Hayes voted for to allow oil and gas drilling in the ANWR, offered incentives for offshore drilling and provided billions of dollars in tax credits over 10 years for oil and gas companies [HR 4, Vote #320, 8/02/01]