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Aug 03, 2009

Representative Doc Hastings: Topping the Scaremonger Charts

According to the Pulitzer prize-winning, non-partisan, Representative Doc Hasting's pants are on fire.


Hastings' web site poll asks visitors: "Were you aware that individual private health insurance plans will be outlawed in 2013 under the Democratic health care plan?"


But according to, that's just not true.  In fact, rates Hastings' claim "Pants on Fire" - the highest level of falsity.


"Representative Hastings continues to perpetuate this false claim to scare people into thinking they'll lose their health insurance.  But as an independent, non-partisan organization has found, Hastings' claim just isn't true," said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.



Background found that "Private health insurance not banned on page 16 of the House bill." [, 7/22/09]