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May 22, 2009

Representative Denny Rehberg’s Long Record of Opposing America’s Troops and Veterans


Voted Against Millions in Funding to Benefit Big Sky Vets


As Americans prepare to honor the sacrifice of our fallen heroes in uniform this Memorial Day Weekend, we are reminded of Representative Denny Rehberg's long record of just saying no to helping our men and women in uniform - culminating in his vote against aid for over 100,000 veterans in the VA Montana health care system.  On everything from veterans' health care to helping military families afford child care to veterans' housing assistance, Representative Rehberg has a long record of saying the right thing, only to desert America's veterans when it comes time to vote.


"This Memorial Day, we're reminded that Representative Denny Rehberg's rhetoric about supporting our troops and veterans doesn't match reality when it comes time to vote for the health care and benefits they've earned through their service and sacrifice," said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "When our veterans commit to defend us, Americans commit to honor their service and sacrifice.   Representative Rehberg fails to honor his commitment to veterans by putting loyalty to fellow Party of No Republicans ahead of the brave men and women and their families who sacrificed for our freedoms."




Representative Denny Rehberg's long record of ‘just saying no' to our troops and veterans:


  • By saying no to the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009 (H R 1105) [], Representative Rehberg opposed providing 14,000 new housing vouchers to help homeless and disabled veterans.


  • By saying no to the Congressional Budget for FY 2010 (S Con Res 13) [], Representative Rehberg opposed:


o       Providing a $5.6 billion increase for veterans' health care and other services.


o       Ending the Bush Administration's ban on enrolling modest-income veterans in VA health care.


o       Allowing Congress to provide VA medical funding a year in advance.


  • By saying no to the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act (HR 1) [], Representative Rehberg opposed:


o       Helping more unemployed veterans find jobs through expanding the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.


o       Helping disabled veterans receiving benefits from the VA through providing a $250 one-time payment.


o       Improving hospitals for our troops by providing $1.2 billion to rebuild and renovate aging military hospitals and veterans' medical facilities.


o       Helping troops and their families keep their homes by providing $555 million to assist military homeowners, wounded warriors, and surviving spouses who have been impacted by the housing crisis. 


o       Expanding child care for military families by providing $240 million for new child development centers on military bases across the country.


o       Helping wounded warriors and their families when they return from combat by providing $100 million for warrior transition complexes that provide critical services.


o       Reducing the backlog of VA claims processing through a $150 million investment claims processing staff and an additional $50 million to improve the automation of VA claims processing.


o       Making more energy efficient DOD facilities by providing $4.2 billion to invest in energy efficiency projects on DOD facilities across the country.  


o       Improving National Guard facilities by providing $100 million for new construction of operations and training facilities to support National Guard units around the country.