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May 19, 2011

Representative Campbell Hands Big Oil the Keys to the California Coast

Representative John Campbell’s (CA-48) vote in favor of the most sweeping expansion of offshore drilling in our nation’s history has essentially given Big Oil the keys to the California coast, at the expense of his district’s vital tourism industry. Not surprising since Campbell has chosen to reward his Big Oil & Gas buddies before.  Campbell chose to end Medicare rather than taxpayer giveaways for Big Oil and has now put his district’s coastal economy at risk.


“The Grand Oil Party’s Representative John Campbell has essentially handed the keys of the California coast to Big Oil,” said Gabriela Domenzain of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “First Representative John Campbell voted to end Medicare instead of cutting subsidies for Big Oil and now he’s voted for the most sweeping expansion of offshore drilling in our nation’s history, placing California’s coastal economy at risk.”




Rep. Campbell Voted to Allow Drilling Off Portions of Coast of California. On May 12, 2011, John Campbell voted against an amendment that specified that  HR1231 did “not allow for oil and gas drilling in the Northern California Planning Area of the outer continental shelf.” Campbell also voted for final passage of HR1231, which as the Press Democrat noted, included drilling in portions of the California coast. According to the nonpartisan Center for Investigative Reporting, “Under existing law, the government decides which areas to lease. This new law would effectively double the current level of offshore drilling. And states, such as California, would have no say in the matter.” [Thompson of California Amendment No. 7 to HR 1231, Vote #317, 5/12/11; HR 1231, Vote #320, 5/12/11; CQ Floor Votes; Press Democrat, 5/9/11; California Watch, 5/4/11]


H.R. 1231 Mandated Most Sweeping Expansion of Offshore Drilling in Nation’s History.

According to an official press release from House Democratic Leader Pelosi, “H.R. 1231 passed by a vote of 243-179 on May 12th, 2011 and mandates the most sweeping expansion of offshore drilling in our nation’s history making broad swaths of the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts open for leasing automatically.”  [House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, press release, 5/12/11]


Voted to End Medicare Rather than Cut Subsidies for Big Oil. Representative Campbell voted to end Medicare by supporting the Republican budget. [H Con. Res. 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11]


Big Oil Profits Up 38 Percent. “Americans spent 28 percent more for gasoline during the first three months of 2011 than the same period in 2010. Meanwhile, the big five oil companies—BP, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, ExxonMobil, and Shell—made 38 percent more profit.” [Center for American Progress, 5/3/11]


  • ExxonMobil reported profits of nearly $11 billion in the first quarter of 2011, a 69 percent increase. Shell reported profits of $7 billion, ConocoPhillips reported profits of $3 billion, Chevron reported $6.2 billion, and BP reported $5.5 billion. [Center for American Progress, 5/3/11; ABC News, 4/28/11]


  • In March, the Democratic Steering & Policy Committee held a hearing noting that from 2005 to 2009, the largest oil companies have made $485 billion in profits. [, 3/01/11]