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Mar 25, 2009

Representative Calvert Opposes Own Legislation Huh?



Cementing his position in the Hypocrisy Hall of Fame, today Representative Ken Calvert actually voted against his own legislation.


It's true.  When the House of Representatives considered the omnibus lands legislation today, including several measures that Representative Calvert introduced, he opposed the package.  [Roll Call Vote, 3/25/2009]


"Not only did Representative Calvert oppose a bill that would create two million new acres of protected wilderness and aid local economic development, he did it in the most hypocritical way possible - by voting against bills he himself had introduced," said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "That's hardly leadership Californians can count on."




The following Representative Calvert-sponsored bills were incorporated into H.R. 146, the Omnibus Public Land Management Act:


  • H.R. 1139, Riverside-Corona Feeder Water Supply Act
  • H.R. 2614, To amend the Reclamation Wastewater and Groundwater Study and Facilities Act to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to participate in certain water projects in California
    • Yucaipa Valley Regional Water Supply Renewal Project
    • City of Corona Water Utility