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Jun 26, 2009

Representative Blackburn: “We Are The Party of NO!”


In a strikingly candid display, Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) took to the House Floor today and declared, "We are the Party of NO!" 


"It is hard to say which is more troubling  -  that Representative Blackburn continues to vote against the best interest of Tennessee or that she is proud of it," said Jessica Santillo, Southern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Representative Blackburn's record of ‘Just Saying No' to funding our men and women in uniform, providing health care for children, and cutting taxes for hardworking Americans shows how out of touch she really is."


One thing is clear: Representative Blackburn is absolutely right about being the "Party of No."   She has been a reliable pillar of Republican obstructionism; working to block efforts to strengthen the economy, make America more secure, and create opportunities for hardworking families to get ahead.




Representative Blackburn's "No" votes this year include:


  • NO to providing health care to 11 million American children. [HR 2, Vote #50, 2/04/09]  


  • NO to creating or saving 70,000 jobs in Tennessee. [HR 1 Vote #70, 3/31/09]


  • NO to cutting taxes for more than 2 million Tennessee workers. [HR 1 Vote #70, 3/31/09]


  • NO to providing Tennessee families access to quality health care by investing in Community Health Centers. [HR 1105, Vote #86, 2/25/09]


  • NO to supporting our men and women in uniform.  [H.R. 2346, #348, 6/16/09]  


  • NO to ending the kind of predatory lending practices that helped lead to the current financial crisis. [H.R. 1728, # 242, 5/7/09].


Representative Blackburn said "We are the Party of No!" today. [Media Matters for America, 6/26/09]